Q – We are intrigued and excited about the new Crystal river boats. But before we get too carried away, please let us know about the prices for the new boats. They sound expensive.

Crystal River YachtA – It is common in the cruise and river boat industry to do what is called a “soft PR Campaign” releasing small bits of relevant information for maximum press impact. We won’t have any specific pricing for the Crystal product for several months but we are anticipating a 20-30% higher per diem than their closest rivals. The product will be very inclusive and the staff to guest ratio will be the highest in the industry. The standard cabins will be larger than their competitors and they will have some large suites. We certainly think that pricing for this product could come in at $500 per person per day for an entry-level cabin. Crystal River Yachts will not be allowing their competitors to have too much advance notice concerning pricing so it cannot be used against them. Crystal Cruise per diems, by comparison, currently range from $450 – $800 per person, per day. Bottom Line: We expect they will be the most expensive option on Europe’s rivers but also one of the most inclusive. They may also be the best. We’ve obtained a picture of the prototype being launched at the yard in Germany.