Q – I am extremely excited about taking my husband to Vietnam on an interior river boat cruise. My travel agent says that there are several boats that are now doing this but I would know who really has the best program and which ship I should be looking at. We are just starting to travel after my husband’s retirement and we do appreciate nice amenities and rooms. We also want to be able to trust the food as there are no Vietnamese restaurants that I am aware of in our area of Alabama. Any advice would be appreciated and keep up the good work.

A – Well we’re not sure we can craft an answer for you given our shock at the lack of creative Vietnamese cuisine in rural Alabama. But we’ll try.

Aqua Mekong

The very best current product in the Mekong is the 4r0-passenger Aqua Mekong which was custom built in Vietnam. The boat has private tenders which means you do not have to tie up alongside other ships in some of the major ports.This boat could easily accommodate twice as many guests. The boat has its own speedboats for explorations inland like the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia. You don;t know the name but you’ve seen the lovely photos.

Aqua operates the two highest-rated river boats on the Amazon River and their product in Vietnam is inclusive of all meals, wine, beer, transfers, and the use of kayaks and bicycles. For such an intimate boat there are some really lovely facilities including a private cinema, spa, infinity pool, and a small fitness center.

The majority of guests are from the States so the authentic food is cooked to American tastes, whatever that actually means. The French might say it means “no taste” but the point is it is not overly spicy food unless you request it.

Think teak, clean lines, and a serene sense as you glide along the river. We better stop here – it is starting to sound like an endorsement. When you return home and tell the neighbors you’ve just been to the Mekong Delta on vacation, please try to take pictures of their expressions for our site.