Q = I suppose you could call us soft adventurers. But we’re in our early forties and extremely adventurous, having done several mountain treks including Nepal. We are looking for a small ship cruise line that really can take us to out of the way places, way off the tourist map. We’ve looked at Quark and Lindblad and some of the smaller adventure companies, but they don’t offer the level of comfort in terms of food and wine that we are seeking. Any suggestions – we live in Manhattan, by the way, and, if you haven’t guessed, we’re “A-Types”. Does adventure always equate to a “ship with no latte”?

A – Actually, we do have a recommendation. Look at the French company Le Ponant which owns four adventure expedition ships that are extremely sleek and yacht-like with some nice accommodations. Le Ponant travels the earth to regions like Melanesia and the Cape Verde islands. They sail, always in style, with French chefs and provisions yet they cater to a significant American audience. When reviewing their sailings with your consultant make certain that you specify that you will want one of their designated “Expedition Cruises”, the ones with zodiacs, lecturers, and lattes in spill-proof cups.