Q – I am taking our family on a really nice cruise. Fortunately for me, our children are gainfully employed and will need to be in touch with their offices, as will I. I went tot he Seabourn web site and got links to a satellite provider for the ship. Utterly useless. So what do we do? Will our smartphones likely work. We’re among the select few to own an iPhone.iPhone5 - Cruise Ship on Ocean -  CX

A – We can see that you have gotten a bit of a run-around in terms of sites linking to sites – none of which really answers your question.

Seabourn has invested in satellite communication technology. But Internet service and Wi-Fi connections at sea are extremely problematic. No one can guarantee a clear connection unless you bring along a Satellite Phone and point it at the southern sky.

Here is what we  recommend you do.

01 – Call  Wireless Traveler – 866 – 700 – 3883. A human being will answer the phone. . They will ask what countries you are going to be visiting and what your needs are and they will overnight you the proper phone with sim card, along with detailed instructions. You don’t need to purchase a phone – just rent one for the length of your trip that will work in the countries you are visiting. Wireless Traveler will take care of all details.

02 – As an alternative, AT&T and Verizon rent overseas equipped phones to their customers. But you would need to have a nearby office for convenience.

03 – You will significantly better connections on land than you will have at sea so I would plan for that eventuality.

04 – If you have a serious need to be in telephone communication while aboard the ship, do seriously consider renting a satellite phone from Wireless Traveler. They are bulky but they always work as long as you are on a deck, outdoors aboard ship.

05 – Your current phones will not work abroad because they lack the proper Sim cards so one of the above steps is required.