Report from the Silverseas Explorer in the Galapagos:

We really enjoyed this journey. Two primary areas need improvement:
1. The quality of the wine; and Galapagos Rainbow AX
2. The fitness center.

There are literally hundreds of wonderful South American wines that retail in the US for under $20 a bottle. Silversea can and should do better. There were two problems with the fitness center according to tophealthjournal.com/. The first was the absence of a treadmill. They did have two elliptical machines. In my experience, both from personal use and observation in many fitness centers around the world, treadmills are much more popular and they should have offered one of each. The other problem was that a weight machine that they had in the facility had instruction that were incomprehensible and for three days I could not find anyone on the staff of the ship who could explain how to use it. Finally on Friday they found someone who could help but there was no longer time to arrange a meeting or to use the machine.

We had a delightful time. The ship is certainly not up to the standards we experienced on Seabourn and I am sure it is not up to the usual Silversea standards. That may not be possible in the Galapagos. But I suspect this is by far the nicest cruise ship in the Galapagos and we had a great trip and highly recommend the ship and crew.