Q – Wonderful web site with lots of great information. My wife and I are looking to take our 5-year anniversary in Europe and a riverboat cruise seems to be at the top of the list (It may be the whole trip or only spend half of it on the boat). However…we’re in our mid-thirties and I know that will put us on the younger side of the clientele onboard. Budget is not a huge concern. We’re looking for a good mix of relaxing/eating/drinking on the boat with a variety of excursions (not too many museums) time to explore small towns, biking by the river etc. Tauck and/or Uniworld seem to be the best river cruise candidates based on what I’ve read: Do you agree or have other suggestions? Any itineraries you would recommend for us “youngins”?

A – We know lots of couples in their thirties and forties who have had some extraordinary travel experiences because they have the rare wisdom to realize that sharing your travels with those who have lived twice as long as you have can bring forth fascinating insights and experiences. So don’t cave in to “ageism”. We would say that, given your profile, you ought to concentrate on river boating in France or along Portugal’s Duoro River, We think that AMA, with its emphasis on wine tastings and more modern approach might be your best option. They do have, for instance, walking tours based on the guest’s physical fitness capabilities. Join the serious walkers on tour or ride bikes with them through the towns, and you might meet some really interesting people. We also think you should remain open to the idea of both small ship cruising on a ship like  Sea Dream or one of the better French Country Barge Programs. Your age requires some carefully thought out travel consulting but, in the hands of the right advisor, we have a feeling you will get it right. We hope you won’t be offended if we mention that every word written on this site has been prepared by someone who has left his or her thirties along the side of the road.