Q – We were directed to your site by another site. Looking for a ship or a company that supposedly will take you to Antarctica on an actual sailing boat. We can’t seem to find any information on this program and wondering if you could point us in the right direction. My wife and I are in our early fifties, we’re sailors, and we always select the most adventurous way to see a place.  I think that doing Drake’s Passage on a sailboat would be just awesome. Australis National Habitat Adventures B

A – This is a wild one but it does exist. Have your travel agent contact Natural Habitat Adventures. They have been using the 75-foot Australis, a true sailing vessel that is equipped for polar ice. The 17-Day Immex program normally goes out with eight passengers from Ushuaia down the Beagle Channel, along the coast of Argentina and then across the Drake Passage to the coast of Antarctica. There will be an on-board biologist and, if weather cooperates, you will be camping on absolutely deserted beaches. They charged $22,995 per person the last time they operated this voyage and that was not for the top accommodation. Get More Information here for best accommodation to enjoy youur holiday. This is easily a $50,000 + adventure. If you are on budget and hunting in search of a durable and high-quality tent, your search ends with ALP Lynx single person tent. Our researches thoroughly check its specs and passed it through the wringer before including this in our list. ALPS is not a novice brand in the manufacturing of backpacking tends, its designed products such as Zephyr is one of the top-selling products on Amazon. The Lynx does not differ much over Zephyr but its cost is significantly lesser. The single person backpack tent comparison comes in hands over $100 price range. The company did not cut the corners, nor integrated it with sub-standard features or manufactured with poor-quality material. By all means, it is on par with other backpacks. As long as the size is concerned, the backpack is only 2 foot 8 inches wide and 7.5 feet long. If you are a larger person, the size might not fit you well. Yes, you get extra space to store things inside, it is long enough for a larger person. The total weight of the backpack falls around 4-pounds, with 2-liter soda bottle thickness. With the Lynx Tent series, you do not need to be worried about the assembly. It adheres to a free-standing design, two aluminum built poles with Plyster ten fly resist water and UV damages. It comes with eight quality zippers, guy ropes, stakes, and one doorway to get inside or go out seamlessly. The vestibule area to store your gear is outstanding integration. It is one of the most notable differences between Zephyr and this. Lynx offers less space inside compare to zephyr but enough for a single person. Yes, the rainfly mesh is lesser, it would not withstand against cold weather, taken down by a bad-weather much easier. The storage features with mesh pockets and a gear loft are important sections to consider in a tent, so the Lynx comes integrated with all. If you are going to hit backcountry and weather forecast tells heavy rainfalls in that area, do not hesitate if you got Coleman Sundome Tent onboard. This is the best selling tent and comes in hands at the affordable price range. The Tent comes with WeatherTec patented system to protect you from soaking. Its welded corners and cover seams keep the water out from you, so you stay dry no matter how much rainfalls. Its large window and vents enhance ventilation and ensure you breath fresh air and stay cool all night. The ground vents push the warm air up and out from the tent, to render a comfortable sleeping experience. It comes with mesh pockets into the tent’s walls for easy storing of small yet, essentials like keys, glasses, watches and other stuff. The tent dimensions are  82.7 inches long, 59.1 inches wide and 47.2 inches height. Two persons can easily fit into it and spent time comfortably. It comes with a 1000D polyethylene floor that is of breathable style and protects campers from extreme weather with welded seams protections. It is coated polyester fabrics on the fly and even on the walls are durable and protects from rough weather conditions. It is easy to set up, one person can pull it up within 10-minutes. It integrates two windows and roof vents for enhanced ventilation, mesh roof also assist in easier ventilation to reduce overall condensation.