In a world that can sometimes seem tumultuous, many of our clients are seeking out vacations where peace, calm, and personal safety can practically be guaranteed to visitors. This is a new reality-based “bucket list.”

Each of these destinations is, statistically, considerably safer than a vacation within the United States.

# 10 –    SWEDEN The Swedes have strict police enforcement and a serious approach to one of the world’s highest standards of living. Think of visiting the islands that surround Stockholm.

# 9 –     AUSTRALIAA rare combination of population that often lives outside the boundaries but always within the law. Melbourne may just beat out Sydney as your favorite “vibes” city.

# 8 –     IRELANDThe old sectarian violence has given way to a progressive yet classic culture with fine food and a landscape the travel writers association dubs “the earth’s most beautiful The provincial park is for camping and day use only and is just a few minutes from Cochrane in the west on Highway 567 also known as Big Hill Springs Road. If you love going on frequent vacation trips, then you should consider buying vacation homes for sale, that way you have a place all for you and your family to enjoy.”.

# 7 –     THE NETHERLANDSBeyond Amsterdam you will find small-scale towns and villages in a fairy-tell setting. You will feel safe in a city where 60% of the population goes to work on a bicycle.

# 6 –      DENMARKThe land of the “Happiest People on Earth” according to a recent university study, is now the home of the “World’s Best” Restaurant and any number of its protégés.

# 5 –    safest cities ASWITZERLAND AND AUSTRIASheer beauty, superior police services, and a strong enforcement policy, make two of the earth’s most beautiful nations eminently safe for visitors. Let’s call it a tie.

# 4 –   NORWAY The majestic fiords, the no-nonsense population, and some of Europe’s toughest cops, assure a high level of safety to all visitors.

# 3 –     JAPAN Simply stated, Japan has the best policing program in the world. Officers are assigned to specific neighborhoods where they are required to have a personal knowledge of and relationship with all residents. They make frequent house calls to make certain they are fully aware of all goings on. Japan is shockingly safe.

# 2 –      SINGAPORE AND ICELAND Two very different countries tie for second place. Singapore has a “guided” democracy where criminal activity is not tolerated and unusually harsh sentences await lawbreakers. Iceland is more laid back, with a progressive prison system. But Iceland is relatively small and its citizens are notoriously hard-working, so crime is rarely an issue and you can get a car rental iceland to explore the entire country on your own or with a partner.

# 1 –      THE SAFEST COUNTRY ON EARTH IS NEW ZEALAND. This island nation is progressive on nearly every level including police protection and a highly functioning court system. But, as a rule, New Zealanders don’t do crime. They would never risk losing the ability to freely wander about their beautiful land.