Every year thousands of tourists travel to Tanzania and Kenya in the hope of getting a glimpse of one of nature’s greatest phenomenons. It is one of the most spectacular sights you will ever witness, but it is one that is unpredictable and can vary wildly from year to year. The migration traditionally describes the movement of wildebeest from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya, however climate has a big impact on the behaviour of these animals and their path is not strictly defined. To know more about wildebeest migration, you can check out on wildebeest migration map.  The wildebeest move in relation to the availability of food, which is largely dependent on rainfall. During the rainy season, they are typically found on the plains in the south east of the Serengeti, moving to the woodlands in the north west during drier times.

Q – A co-worker turned me on to this site yesterday and I hope you can help me even though I am not a client. We’re booked with a well-known agency in Los Angeles. Our plans are to go on a safari taking in Kenya the Serengetti and the Masai Mara. We booked with a reputable travel agent through a very well-known tour operator and we are scheduled to leave in less than 90 days.

Africa Masai Mara Giraffes A+X Our travel agent keeps telling us that travel to Kenya is not a problem and that it is a long way from the West African nations affected by Ebola. What would you do.   We have been told we can still get out of it, but our agent insists it is safe. My wife is really worried about this and will be most anxious to read any reply you might provide. I have been pushing her all along to go on this trip.  We understand that you are under pressure to say we should not try to get out of it.

A – Actually, we’re not. You don’t see any safari providers advertising on this site. In fact, our feeling is that you should postpone this trip. If you were sitting across from us, that is what we would advise.

Your travel agent is giving you generally correct information. The game parks in Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania remain free of any Ebola-related dangers. Namibia private luxury safari tours are advising you not to go for two specific reasons:

First, you are saying that your wife has anxiety and is worried. Case closed. A vacation is supposed to be totally enjoyable. Sure, there is nothing wrong with pushing your limits, but if you both can’t enjoy the pre-trip “high” that should precede any vacation, we think it is time to cancel. Your travel agent can come back and earn her commission another day. When it comes to vacation planning “Happy Wife – Happy Life” takes on some specific meaning. Don’t plan on going anywhere unless your wife is enthusiastic about the choice.

The second reason has less to do with Ebola than it does with some serious security services warnings about imminent danger in Nairobi from anti-western groups related to Al-Queda. This is just not a particularly safe part of the world. We do not have faith in the government’s ability to interrupt planned attacks on western interests or tourists.

Understand that ours is a minority view within the travel community. You might want to solicit other opinions.

Think about changing your itinerary to southern Africa where security is stronger and the game opportunities can be just as rewarding. Look at Botswana and Namibia in addition to South Africa. Travel safe.