October 15, 2014:

Listening to the noise of the 24-Hour, always “Breaking News” stories, we’d all be better off hiding under our beds. But experienced travelers know that sensationalized reporting can make any place in the world sound dangerous. Here are our current Go/Don’t Go Ratings based on the best available industry on-site reports.

Liberia and West AfricaDo Not Go Unless You are an Aid Worker

South Africa:  A strong go. Dangers are minimal on all fronts.

North Korea: Currently not recommended based on irrational persecutions

India: Go, by all means, but travel aware with knowledge that you will likely not escape food poisoning.

Pakistan: Do not go given instability and presence of terrorist groups with strong anti-American feelings.

Iran:   Go only if you are willing to take risks involving kidnapping. Planned itineraries are excellent and rewarding. We have several clients traveling to Iran this year.

Central America Nations: Go but be aware of the serious Chikungunya epidemic that arrived from Africa and is spread by mosquitos. This disease has currently infected over 1,000,000 people and has spread to portions of the Caribbean and South America. It is rarely fatal but it causes crippling joint pain.

Syria: If you really need to ask you are forbidden from ever even considering a trip outside the United States.

Russia: No need to change your plans. Little actual danger. Few incidents have been directed toward tourists.

Kenya and Tanzania: Despite advice from tour operators that there is no Ebola danger (a generally truthful statement) we remain concerned about security reports pointing to “likely” attack on American interests. We are urging our clients to avoid East Africa at this time even though the safari camps are well outside any perceived danger zone.Gun and Golfer  BX