Q – My husband and I are making our second trip to London and we are scheduled to fly a 777 on American. The model is a 300, whatever that means. We have asked for aisle seats across. Our travel agent says this is a great plane but we know that sometimes the information on this site is more accurate. My husband is a large man and 6’4“. Would you spend the extra money for the more leg room economy seats?

A – The 777 is a really comfortable ride, provided you are seated in the front of the aircraft. The 777-300ER holds 304 passengers, 220 of whom are accommodated in coach. The seat pitch is 31″ and the aisles are notoriously narrow. It is virtually impossible for a passing passenger to walk past you without knocking into your arm. The window seats on this aircraft produce a curve that can cause neck pain. The newly designed seats are narrower and less comfortable than some AA seating on other aircraft.

Given the health issues of having your knees pinned back for a protracted period of time, we would certainly recommend that you invest in “Main Cabin Extra”, which will get you additional AA Planeleg room. If that is unavailable, we would say you should consider springing for Business Class. Follow this strategy when you travel until your husband ages enough so he begins shrinking.

Do consider getting g a credit card that will get you the miles you need to upgrade on your next trip.

Don’t look at Business Class in terms of seat comfort. Look at it as a kind of health insurance when you travel.