Pushkar Fair BXQ – My wife and I are planning to travel to India in November and are wondering whether or not to include a visit to the Pushkar Far in our itinerary?

 A – The Pushkar Fair takes place in the fall every year, with the exact dates being determined by the Hindi calendar.  This somewhat dusty and frenzied annual five-day gathering brings  100,000 local people together, along with an onslaught of camera-toting tourists, to trade camels and other livestock. While truly memorable, it would require adding 2 days to your travel plans, it is a tremendous experience for those seeking great photo opportunities, to see India’s holy men, and to be up-close and personal with the local culture.  As you might imagine, the fair is also very crowded and ‘colorful’. Most of our clients who have attended come home believing that the photo ops were well worth the hassles and travel time. It is as much of a “movie set” panorama as one is likely to encounter during travels in India, perhaps the most colorful country on earth.