While proper tipping etiquette does vary from country-to-country, you will be pleased to know there are current industry standard expectations of tipping behavior. Here is what you should be tipping for good to excellent service:

HOTEL DOORMAN: $1.00 TO $2.00 or 1 Euro for opening door, hailing a taxi and $3.00 or 2 Euro for loading trunk with bags.

BELLMAN: $1.00 per bag delivered to your room or 2 Euro for up to three bags.

CONCIERGE: For restaurant recommendations or directions no tip is expected. If the Concierge makes dinner reservations on your behalf 2 Euros is appropriate. For hard-to-secure sports or theater tickets $20.00 or 10-15 Euros is appropriate.

HOUSEKEEPING: This is the one most often ignored. Housekeepers should be tipped daily (place money on the pillow before you leave the room)  at $3.00 or 2 Euro per day. Please note that housekeepers are the most tip dependent members of the hotel staff as they are generally hired at the lowest salary.

BUTLER: A Suite butler should be tipped $10.00 per day or 7 Euro per day for help with personal services including packing and unpacking. Deduct daily tip when no services are provided.

SPA THERAPIST: Tips are often included so don’t tip twice. If they are optional, it is appropriate to tip 15-20% of the total Spa Services price.

POOL AND BEACH ATTENDANTS: $2.00 or 2 Euros for setting up beach chairs and umbrellas.

VALET WHO PARKS AND DELIVERS YOUR CAR: No tip is necessary when they take your car but $2.00 or 3 Euro is appropriate when they return it.



It is always best to tip in local currency. Hotel staff will be charged hefty fees to convert to local currency from US Dollars. Never assume that the whole world want dollars. That is no longer the case.

If you wish to recognize truly excellent service, the best way is to bring some addressed notecards with you on your trip and write a note to the manager of your hotel complimenting any staff member you feel deserves recognition. Your note will go on their personnel file and will be meaningful.

And please don’t forget to leave something on the pillow for your maid. They are almost always receiving minimum wage.