St. Petersburg Hotel Dining  CQ – Call us crazy, but we’re bringing the twins, our eleven year-olds girls, on a Crystal Cruise to the Baltic that will include several days in St. Petersburg, Russia. We want to put together a special day that might include a really nice lunch the entire family can enjoy. Is there anywhere you could recommend where you would trust the food and the atmosphere as child-friendly. Crystal was not very helpful when we called. Thanks so much and best wishes for the long life of this wonderfully helpful web site.

A – Try Lujaika on Aptekarsky Prospekt. The actual theme of this really good Asian restaurant is a child’s imaginary wonderland. The children can fish in a pond next to outdoor dining areas and the restaurant’s pet rabbits roam the grounds. Remember that the ship’s blanket Visa will not cover you for any independent time off the ship.

We might suggest that it is unrealistic to seek out advice from cruise line commissioned sales phone agents. Not only is it highly unlikely they have never been to St. Petersburg; many of them have never actually sailed on a cruise. On the other hand, both Crystal ships have uniquely well-qualified on-board Concierge staff who we would certainly trust with this  kind of request. Most cruise lines on-board will only sell you tours, programs, and reservations that are profitable. Five-star lines like Crystal, Seabourn, Sea Dream, Silverseas, and Regent, have some superb people on their respective concierge desks.

Currently, Silverseas and Crystal have the best-qualified and most reliable Concierge desks in the industry.