Mexico City TacosQ – Do you think it is practical, to plan a trip to Mexico City that would allow us to take in some of the best local food spots and markets in about a week? My  husband just lives for authentic Mexican food but we live just outside of Birmingham and we’re not about to get too adventurous. I wonder how you set something like this up using really good, safe hotels, flights, and tours. I am looking for a foodie tour in depth. My husband made me fly with him to Chicago just to eat at Rick Bayles’  Frontera Grill. We loved it!

A – Our inclination would be to set up the air, hotels, transfers (important in Mexico City) through a local travel agent you trust. Then work on the food tours yourselves contacting companies such as “Mexico Soul and Essence Tours” or “Eat Mexico Culinary Tours.” Urban Adventures is another reputable company. Some of these are companies do walking tours, other use public transportation (really fun), while others do in-home cooking lessons combined with visits to local markets. With these three contacts, you and your husband should be able to construct your own itinerary.

If, on the other hand, you want to have a truly upscale, fully escorted, culinary adventure planned out over a week by experts, have someone put you in touch with Zachary Rabinor at Mexican Journeys.