Singapore Food StallsQ –  I am going to need to be in Singapore in February on business and I am thinking about bringing along my wife for a week of seeing and exploring the city. Some of what I am seeing online makes me feel that this might not be worth five nights or so and the hotels all seem to be city-centered with a business feel. (I will be staying at the Fullerton for the meeting). I won’t get to see much of the place during our meetings. We’re in our mid-fifties and friends would describe us as “foodies”. How do I turn this into a really nice getaway for my wife?

A – Your concerns are valid. Singapore can seem sterile and built for business. But we definitely think you can pull this off. Book yourselves into the Singapore Resort & Spa SentosaSentosa Island has the feel of a tropical paradise yet is only 20 minutes from downtown. There are many great restaurants on the island and they have local food stalls that match what you would find in the center of the city. Singapore is, in our judgement, one of the top three food cities in the world (Tokyo and Paris being tops). Staying at a 27-acre resort with easy access tot he city seems to be the right compromise given your goals.