Crystal Alsaka BXQ – I am a pediatrician here in Dallas and an avid reader of this space. Next summer (2015) Patti and I want to take our three children on a real quality cruise up to Alaska that might have children’s programs. I would love to know the best line to do this with and how I should book it since there are five of us (12, 14, 17).  I keep getting recommendations from local agents for Princess and Holland America but I know they are not in your Top Ten and we can afford something more inclusive with better food and services, as well as fewer people. Any options that could work well to please every  member of our family. Stares from old biddies cause we brought three young-uns with us won’t bother us a bit. (anticipating your response)

A – Well you’ve likely made the best itinerary choice. We would recommend the Crystal Serenity as your best option. They will be doing 7-night Alaska cruises beginning June 19th and then will end the season with several 10-night cruises ending August 6th. Crystal, not known as a line that loves the kiddies, has actually forged an excellent alliance with the National Park Service Ranger service. The trick is to make certain that your consultant verifies there are enough kids booked to operated the program. Crystal won’t offer it if the “biddies” are the only ones onboard.

You will likely need to book a double and adjacent triple. Given the daily temperatures, we don’t feel that a balcony is critical in Alaska. Your wife should be booked with two children in the triple. Once aboard, you can actually sleep with your wife. But the ship’s log must show an adult in each stateroom. This will work well and there’s a good chance everyone will love being aboard the Serenity. The staff will make the kids feel really special because they see so few of them.