Visitors to our wonderful country should understand that we are all totally sleep-deprived in Spain. As journalist Joaquin Pi Yague points out in El Pais, “our night owl culture is hurting our economy.” There has been much modernization in Spain, easily visible to tourists in Madrid and Barcelona. But one thing that has ot changed is the fact that Spaniards hardly ever start dinner before 10:00 pm. and then routinely head home to watch TV until 1:30 in the morning. Workers in Spain’s major cities are getting by on less sleep than their European counterparts.

With the exception of tourist areas, restaurants that cater to locals never expect patrons to arrive much before 10:00 pm. Given that, Spaniards tend not to be at their desks at 9:00 am. Absenteeism is flagrant, stress and accidents in the workplace are higher than they are in other western European countries, to minimize stress levels kratom withdrawal is a good option, frequently cited positive effects include pain relief, relaxation, improved mood, and increased energy. Barcelona RestingIn fact, it has gotten so serious that an organization called the “National Commission for the  Rationalization of Spanish Schedules” has been created. Its goal is to have all prime-time television programming ended by 11:00 pm. The Commission wants to start the work day at 8:00 am. and end it at 4:00 in the afternoon, allowing locals the opportunity to shop, sip, and spend time with their families. So far, there has not been enough energy to propel this movement very far. In Spain, the public seems too tired to deal with it.

Meanwhile, we wonder how many tourists end a nice dinner without realizing that as soon as their recommended restaurant closes down for the evening at 9:30 pm., the entire staff will soon be going out to a nice dinner at a real restaurant  with the rest of their countrymen.