Qantas 380

Based on the volume of inquiries we receive from nervous flyers, the following three observations might be helpful the next time you take to the skies:

01 – If you have concerns about turbulence, try to book a departure before 10:00 am. Most turbulence  seems to build up during the day and thunderstorm activity is most frequent in the afternoon and early evening. But don’t worry too much about rough air or even lightning. Pilots will try to avoid it for your comfort, but they have complete confidence in the ability of a modern jet to handle it. What pilots really dislike are unanticipated downdrafts. They are, fortunately, rare.

02 – Most modern jets circulate air from the front of the aircraft to the rear. That is why it often seems warmer in the back seats. There is really no such thing as “the safest” place to sit on an aircraft. But for the best quality air and circulation choose the most forward seat available.

03 – Regional airline pilots do no work at the same pay grade as colleagues at the major airlines. Requirements are also not as stringent. Many regional airlines pay their pilots less than $25,000 a year to start. Since many regional carriers use code-shares with majors, you may not even know which airline is actually flying your route. It is always best to know.

And finally, place the most thought into who is actually going to be driving you to the airport. That is, by all measures, going to be the most dangerous part of your journey.