reservationists CXQ – My wife and I read travel blogs for fun and we think your sis one of the best. But I’ve been told by two different cruise lines reservations departments that you are not telling the truth when you claim that booking directly with a cruise line is a rip-off. The two lines I spoke to claim that their computers assure the lowest price, something a travel agent can’t do. Are they right?

A – No, you are being fed a sales pitch by a commission-based reservations clerk. If a cruise line offered better pricing to those who call directly, no reputable travel agency would ever sell that line. It just never happens. Most of the top cruise consultants in the nation are completely up-to-date on the best pricing initiatives because they appear in their computer system or in e-mailings from the line. The rip-off is that cruise lines charge you the travel agent commission even when you are not using an agent. They never return it to the consumer, so you are paying for all sorts of services you never receive when you book directly.

When you book directly, the commission salesmen at the cruise line  call centers cannot offer you the amenity packages offered by members of the major consortiums. So, in effect, you are paying more for your cruise by booking directly. Cruise line reservations cannot VIP you or make you eligible for special VIP Documentation. Only a professional cruise consultant can do that. Upgrades are more likely available when you are dealing with a consultant with true clout and millions of dollars in past bookings with the lines. When things go south, you really need someone in your corner.

The cubicle dwelling commissioned sales agent at the cruise line cannot help you with pre and post cruise arrangements, which 75% of all cruise guests require. They can only sell their own, usually cost-inflated program. They do not have contacts in the various ports that will help define your vacation.

Cruise line reservations can only offer their own contracted flights and air prices. You are just a group name in a computer system. No one at the line will review your private flight arrangements, only a travel consultant would do that.

Cruise line reservation staff  can only recommend and sell the cruise lines party insurance, something we would never recommend you purchase. 

And you can have all of the above at zero cost because it is already included in the cruise fare.

We can go on – but we won’t. You decide who is lying.