Guy SavoyQ – We are going to be in Paris later this summer. Our dream is to dine at Guy Savoy’s Restaurant. We tried online but that doesn’t seem to work. I hope this is not an inappropriate question, but is there any secret way to get into a restaurant of that caliber when traveling overseas? All the regular channels just never seem to work.

A – Many tourists make the mistake of trying top contact the chef/owner of a Three-star Michelin restaurant. In fact, every restaurant has a Manager of the Front-of-the-House operations which always includes reservations. In the States, that person is called the General Manager or the Director of Operations. In France, that person is, almost always, the Maitre d’Hotel. At Guy Savoy’s in Paris try contacting Hubert Schwermer, who holds this post. Don’t beg, but point out why the reservation means so much to both of you. There is a second tactic used by sophisticated travelers. Many of our clients will ask us to book them into the “best connected” hotel in a city. This will give you access to the hotel’s Concierge who, very likely, has a personal relationship with some of the city’s leading dining establishments. As the Foodie movement spreads and the Food Network ratings keep climbing, one side effect is that the number of guests seeking reservations at the world’s best restaurants has increased dramatically in the past five years.