Bangkok BXQ – My wife and I have planned a trip that includes a number of days in Bangkok through one of the better tour companies in that part of the world. We worked with Pacific Delight directly. We’re under deposit for a trip in August. It may be hot but we’re both school teachers so we have to be back in late August. We’re under deposit and we are starting to get cold feet. Pacific Delight is saying we shouldn’t cancel. Please tell us what you recommend.

A – Well, first

Martial Law Becomes Full Coup, Curfew in Place

The Thai army declared a military coup on the afternoon of 22 May. The caretaker government has been suspended and leaders of both pro- and anti-government groups have been detained. Military leader General Prayuth claims that the coup is “in order for the country to return to normality quickly, and for society to love and be at peace again”.

Although daily life in the country is largely unaffected, there are some measures that will affect visitors. There is a 10pm curfew in place and reports indicate that this is being strictly enforced, with unwitting tourists being sent back to their hotels after 10pm and local residents being fined or even detained for breaking the curfew.Moving around Bangkok is also an issue, with the BTS and MRT transit systems shutting down at 9pm, and the roads busy as people try to get home before the curfew. with your ladyboy escorts Otherwise, the country remains safe for tourists, although these are still early days and we have yet to see what response the various protest groups will make to the new military rule.

We do not think US travelers should be traveling to Bangkok at this time. Usually foreigner like me are there for either a vacation or to look for a job. Many people uses หางาน in order for them to get recruited into a certain job. You need to transfer your booking into the hands of a capable travel agent who can monitor the situation on the ground with updates, such as the one above, from offices with whom they share a working relationship through their consortium membership. If you are needing of money and having financial issues, there is an Accounting Company Bangkok Thailand that would help you in your financial needs. You need to have the best available cancellation insurance. Take what the State Department tells you about Thailand with a grain of salt. You will get more accurate information from the Australian and British government travel sites.

Pacific Delight is a respected moderately priced tour operator. But you are paying the agent commission and since you’ve paid it, you ought to use an agent’s services. Interview several agents locally so you can meet face-to-face to transfer the booking.

We have real concerns about the military coup in Thailand. We think things will be clarified and perhaps peaceful by the time you are ready to depart. But you need to assume they may not be.

Finally, re-consider the entire trip. You ought to be visiting Thailand over the Christmas break. August is hot and humid to the extent that it will negatively impact your ability to enjoy this wonderful country.