Q – We are trying to figure out which river boat company has the best theme cruises for foodies like us. We’re in our mid-forties, New Yorkers, and we couldn’t conceive of going to Europe without food being our top priority. Which line should we look at first. When we asked our travel agent about river cruises she handed us a brochure for Holland America.

A – Our guess would be that you have another two decades before you will be ready for Holland America. But don’t assume that the crowd on any river cruise, even those with a culinary theme, will have a younger clientele. The rule of thumb is that quality on the water is related to age of guests on the water.

The line you should look at first is AMA Waterways. A shortcut to doing a search is to know the terms they use to identify food and wine themes: “Culinary Delights – Bites and Sights” – “In Celebration of Wine” – “Gourmet Cruise” – “Chocolate Connoisseurs Cruise”.

The good news is that you will have all day, every day, to search out the best wine shops, bakeries, and small village cafes along your route.