AK Private JetQ – We would very much like to have your help with planning our ultimate trip, a celebration of my retirement from the financial world with  a month-long journey that might include as much wildlife as possible in Africa as well as, if at all possible, the Amazon. We’re open to what else we might see but we really prefer the exotic. Our budget would be in the neighborhood of $250,000 but we’d like everything included and handled. We don’t mind traveling with a small group but we could never handle a long cruise or a typical group tour. We need this to be absolutely top-drawer. Our schedule is that we can go anytime in 2015. We want six months, at the very least, to thoroughly plan for this journey. We dread the long flights/delays etc. But that is, I suppose, something one must endure. Can you help us and do you have any initial thoughts?

A – The best approach for a trip of this sort is to have a number of conversations with the goal of knowing you well, your likes and dislikes, and then moving on to specific destinations and a recommended timeline. When we have created the perfect trip, we then get into some of the specifics of each day as in (full day or half day sightseeing, dinner reservations this evening (and what type of restaurant) etc. The next step is a First Itinerary. We then review, make changes, and design the final itinerary which you have approved.

But you may want to look at a specific trip that appears, to us, to meet a great many of your bucket list requirements. We would recommend that you talk to us about a new Around-The-World by Private Jet Tour being offered by Abercrombie & Kent next October that will include a luxury safari in Kenya, time on the Amazon River on a luxury cruiser, Easter Island, Papua New Guinea, the islands of Indonesia and Madagascar and all sorts of special touches such as breakfast with A&K’s owner at his home in Monaco. You won’t have the airport delays, all flights will be true First Class in your private jet with a hand-picked crew, and you will come out, in the long run under budget at $108,000 per person for 26-days. Custom arrangements can be done in virtually every part of the world but the travel convenience of these private jet programs is making them increasingly popular and most sell out quite quickly.