Q – Don’t know if you can help with this, but would appreciate it if you can help. I am not a vegetarian but my fiancé and I do not eat meat. We do eat chicken and fish. We will be in Paris for six days in August and we would love to know that we have sampled at least one really good restaurant that could accommodate our needs. Fancy white tablecloths are not necessary – just great food. If you help us we’ll write you back a report on how nice the French treated us. We’re in our thirties, fairly comfortable financially, and, our parents, say, rather demanding.

A – No need to do the report. We’ve called the French and told them about you. We know how you will be treated. We think the restaurant you will really enjoy is Le Coq Rico which is modern French and totally devoted to interpretations of pedigree poultry. If you want to have the best chicken dish of your life, order the whole roasted Bresse hen. As almost an aside, one well regarded Parisian critic ha said that the side dish French fries are the best he has ever eaten. For dessert, you’ll want the ile flottante, a heavenly meringue that is sleeping on crème anglaise. The address is 98 Rue Lepic.