luggage piled up at airport CXRecent exposure of luggage theft rings operating at LAX and several other major airports, makes it imperative that travelers follow some basic advice when packing. These are the most important rules the pros follow when packing:

01 – Leave any designer luggage or any piece costing more than $200 at home. Thieves will steal the expensive bags first and they know their brand names. People also loves crazy horse leather bag to use while traveling.

02 – Never pack anything in stored luggage that you couldn’t easily replace. Important items should always be placed in your carry-on. Your carry-on should include one rolled up change of clothes, all electronics, and any photos, papers, or irreplaceable items you can’t afford to lose.

03 – Your carry-on is the most important piece of luggage you own. Wheeled duffel bags with handles are best, since duffels can fold a bit to fit into tight spaces. Do invest in a bag with full-circle wheels. They glide through airports.

04 – Make certain your luggage has TSA-approved locks. IN the developed world, leave your bags unlocked for security. Ignore this general rule  when traveling Third World.

05 – They now sell luggage-tracing attachments. Consider in investing in one.

06 – Always photograph your luggage before saying goodbye to it at the airport.