Q – As frequent cruisers, we have to make our minds up quickly about a 16-Day voyage on Regent Seven Seas between Oslo and Copenhagen. This is a cruise pretty much limited to the coast of Norway and St. Petersburg, which we’ve previously visited, is not  on the itinerary. Wondering of you would recommend this specific itinerary?

A – In fact, you’ve picked one of our favorites all-time cruise experiences. The North Cape cruises are only offered once or twice each summer by a few of the top lines. It is an ideal itinerary but rather expensive for the lines to operate since Norway is not particularly interested in attracting day visitors and port charges and docking fees are unusually high.

This particular itinerary is outstanding and we highly recommend it. Here are a few specific reasons why:

01 – Absolutely beautiful  small towns and villages. The fjords form a magnificent backdrop.

02 – The days at sea sometimes feature views of land.

03– There is no crime or poverty. It is really uplifting in many ways.

04 – It is a great way to beat the summer heat.

05 – There are not many  ships doing this route. Towns are not crowded.

06 – Most North Cape Cruises are 10-12 days. The length of this cruise seems to us to be ideal.