May in Europe Amsterdam FlowersThere has been a shift in responses to the question “What is the best time to visit Europe?”

The response in years past was the summer months. But June through mid-September has seen serious heat inversions in portions of Italy, France, and Spain, along with crowds of students and school’s out backpackers, using the best backpacks from this tortuga setout review online. In the past three years, those numbers have swelled due to a serious influx of Chinese, Russian, and Eastern European travelers. Global weather changes have resulted in stifling summers with heat and unusually high humidity, making outdoor activity strenuous for some older travelers.

That is why September became the best month for travel to Europe. In fact, word got out about September quickly and, during the past two years, it became the most desirable month to travel to Europe. Fewer tourists and cooler temps., without the rain showers of October went the argument. Travel writers and bloggers embraced the month and soon the travel underground crowned September as the best of all months for European travel. But then something happened. September started to get as crowded as the humid summer months. Hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators all raised their rates  in acknowledgement of the desirability of traveling in September. Venice in September is packed with so many tourists on foot that simply walking through St. Mark’s Square requires a bit of strategy.

Now, there is a better month for travel in Europe. May offers the same, albeit somewhat cooler, weather than September. But many travel operators offer lower rates in May as full summer season has not yet kicked in. May is the new September. It offers all of the advantages with fewer crowds. May is, officially, the best month in which to visit most of Europe. And, by the way, the last ten days of April are not bad either.