Q – We really are enjoying your web site but wonder why there is obvious favoritism shown to Tauck. We’ve been extremely happy with AMA, sailing on the AmaCello and the AmaCerto. Now, we are seriously thinking about their program in South Africa. We’ve also done a cruise on Uniworld on the Beatrice that was extremely enjoyable. So what’s the story with Tauck? How come yours is the only major ratings service to list them as number one? You seem honest so I’m surprised you go so overboard with one line? I will tell you, some it reads like cash has changed hands.

A – Really? We suspect you are being paid a tidy sum by all of Tauck’s competitors. No, seriously, your question, deserves an answer.

We are the only review site that does not accept any advertising and earns no revenue from online sales. We do not “crowdsource” reviews. Our inspections reports are done by trained industry professionals and leading river cruise specialists. We rate Uniworld and AMA quite highly but Tauck is rated # 1 because:

01 – They are a highly respected worldwide tour company with cash flow, staff, and management that other river cruise entities cannot match.

02 – Because they are, first and foremost, a top-end tour operator, Tauck is vitally concerned about providing the same level of quality that wins it numerous awards for the quality of its land-based tours.

03 – Tauck’s customer service response to problems is significantly better than any of the other major river boat lines. Tauck’s response to flooding issues is just one example.

04 – Tauck is the only line to place a three company-employed tour directors on each sailing. They create and manage their own shore excursions rather than farm them out. A Tauck Tour Manager accompanies every tour.

As to why we’re the “only ones to rate them at the top? If you dig deeply, you will find that other river boat review sites are popularity contests with votes cast by individuals with little or no industry background. You should know that our current staff has been on 131 river boats and cruises. We have the motivation to get it right without fear of lost advertising and we have the background to do accurate evaluations.

But, look, ultimately you have to decide who you want to believe and we trust your judgement.