Q – So glad we discovered this incredible web site. But we’re disappointed that you have nothing on CrosiEurope, a line we discovered online. They have offices in America so they must have a fair share of Americans onboard and they seem to be a great value. Wondering why you have not reviewed them and whether you think we should try them. We’re retired and fairly comfortable but we hate throwing money away.

A – You know, sometimes it pays to delay a trip until you are financially ready to do it the right way. We don’t cover CrosiEurope because we have devoted our efforts toward the true three and four star river boat companies that appeal to the American traveler. CrosiEurope has been sailing Europe’s water4ways for the past three decades. It is a mass market product and they have always had some of the lowest pricing in the industry. They market heavily in Europe and any CrosiEurope cruise is likely to feature some Americans, with a collection of nationalities from all over Europe. The line includes and open bar as well as excursions at a price point generally below $2500 USD.  They are promoting themselves as a visit to Europe before you even get off the ship. This can work with guests who have lived in Europe and want a saturation experience. For most river cruisers, however, we are not currently recommending CrosiEurope because, at current discount levels, you can get aboard one of the higher rated lines for very little difference in price.