Q – Our family of five is booked on a Crystal Cruise to New England and Canada in top suites in Mid-October. We booked this cruise largely based on the traveltruth ratings, the most honest we’ve found. But given our substantial investment for two doubles and a single all upper decks, I am concerned about my lack of ability to cancel close in should a hurricane be forecast. Two questions – how likely is this possibility during mid-October and how do I best protect my investment?

A – Long-term weather prognostication is a dying art. There are just too many exceptions to the old weather rules since we’ve started to see the effects of major weather pattern changes (our conspiracy  nutjob readers hate it when we say “global warming”) Theoretically you should be safe cruising the coast of the Atlantic in Mid-October. But storms are possible. You can protect your investment by taking out one of the “cancel for any reason” riders offered through your consultant from Travelex or TravelGuard, two of the better travel insurers.