Q – We are seriously considering joining friends from work on the January 15th sailing of Silverseas from Barbados to South America. We’ve never cruised this line but the combination of the Caribbean and South America intrigues us. Is $5650 a great deal for a window suite?  We’ve been working with an agent but were wondering what you might give us if we booked with you?

A – We’d give you directions back to the  agent who has put in time trying to assist you. No matter what the ads and the hype might tell you, all of the better cruise consultants receive exactly the same pricing. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t book the lines.

So now that you know we are not going to take you on, let us address your primary question. This is what is known as a “repositioning voyage”. You can expect discounts to be deeper on this kind of “one off” itinerary. Your cruise is coming out at about $460 per person per day on the new Spirit, Silversea’s flagship. Silverseas has moved up in our ratings of late and you should expect a Four Seasons at Sea type inclusive experience. Generally speaking, Five-star lines should come out, on a cruise-only basis, at between $500-$700 per person, per day. So we would say this is a good offer but not a great offer. You may be unaware that this is also a special Relais & Chateaux culinary sailing, a definite plus for foodies. Be prepared for some rough water in the Atlantic but not rough enough to cause us to advise you avoid the itinerary or the date.