Australia Friendly Place Poster CThe senseless killing of a Melbourne  college student and baseball player in a drive-by in Duncan, Oklahoma has aroused the passion of the Australian press and renewed calls for a boycott of travel to the United States. Australia’s former deputy Prime Minister helped introduce tight gun laws in the country in the 1990’s. He is now calling for “Australians to avoid the US until it does the same.”

The New Zealand Herald got into the act claiming that a boycott the US was “crazy but on the subject of guns, we can think of crazier things like sending your child on a typical day and claiming him in the morgue that night.”

The Sydney Morning Herald explained to readers that “Americans have two blind spots – guns and the death penalty.” It went on to point out that more Americans are killed each year in domestic gun violence than in all of America’s overseas combat.

We read the Australian government warnings about the dangers and warnings of travel abroad for their own citizens. It would be instructive for a great many Americans to read what the Australian government has to say about travel in some of our major cities.