Q – Your site was recommended to help us answer a question about my personal bucket list. Can you actually do the Silk Road through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazahkstan by train. I want  to see it all, and my wife will indulge me, from the Karakum and Kysilkum deserts to the Tien Shan Mountains. We’re rather well-traveled, much of it on our own. We need private facilities but, other than that, we have minimal expectations although we would want the best accommodations on the train that they have – assuming a train exists. I would have no way to know if this is something two sixty-three year old retirees in good health can actually book, we’d love to know how. Thanks to your staff  for the most credible travel site we’ve found.

A – Love your idea and we would never discourage you from this amazing adventure. The good news is that there is a program called “The Legendary Silk Road by Private Train”. The two-week journey is operated by Europe-based Lernidee, which pioneered worldwide private train charters, beginning with programs on the Trans-Siberian Express. The name of the train on this route is the Orient Silk Road Express. But think three-star not the Hollywood version. Most of the travelers will be in compartments with toilets and a shower at the end of the car. You would have a preponderance of Brits on this journey with a fair share of Aussies, Germans, and Europeans who are not interested in remaining home and tossing rocks at their local parliament building. The trip begins in Ashgabar and ends in Almaty so you may not be able to fly non-stop on Southwest. You will want one of the Kalif Suites at $9,635 per person. Next year, they are operating this journey in April and October.

This trip will, in our view, require serious consultation with a travel clinic. Be aware that the air-conditioning is turned off when the train is not moving. We highly recommend that you have your flights planned and monitored by the Cranky Concierge as there will be cancellations and changes. We also recommend that you take a film-making course before this trip. If you do this trip we are going to send you a button that reads “Traveler Not Tourist”.