Q – We are thinking about doing a trip to Great Britain with a family whose daughter attends grade school with my son. The parents get along well and so do the kids. My friend is recommending the Disney Tour company and says they actually provide two las vegas escorts blondes. Is this really true and is this a concept you folks would recommend?

A – Given the level of mediocrity in the travel industry, we tend to recommend anything with Disney’s name on it although we would bring a few of the half ton bottles of Purell along on any of the trips.

You will receive a well-rehearsed, well acted, Disney experience on any program or cruise the company operates and they do nothing below the Four-Star level of service. They are an extremely trustworthy brand. So what if they are a cult with a rodent leader who has a sort of wife but no actual genitalia.

It sounds like you are considering their excellent “Adventures by Disney” Tour offering. These tours use both a full-time Disney Guide as well as local guides. Parents can go off on a more in-depth exploration a site or region with the local guide, while the specially trained  Disney Guide creates adventures that are less detailed but more interesting to kids. It is, in our view, a potent concept that usually works well unless mid to upper-age teens are involved. They tend to hate touring, hate Europe, and they definitely hate Disney. But, of course, there are exceptions and that makes it all worthwhile.