Q – My girlfriend and I visited the hilltop town of Eze in the south of France on a recent  cruise and we fell in love with it. Now, I want to go back and spend a few days so I can propose in a beautiful setting. Where should I book and how should I book? Love the site, know you don’t take ads, so wondering if there is a place to send donations to keep it going?

A – There are two really nice, upscale hotels in Eze. For your purposes, we want you to stay at Chateau Eza which has a bit more warmth than Chevre d’or and only 12 rooms. But do a dinner, or two, at Chevre. Book your hotel with a member of one of the leading consortium groups and ask specifically if the Chateau Eza is “in your network”. If it is, you will receive exclusive amenities that are worth real money. This is always the best way to book the higher end hotels. If possible, you always want to avoid booking a hotel online because that is the best way to assure that you will be assigned the worst available rooms. That is standard operating procedure in the hotel industry since online budget-seeking bookers tend not to be repeat, high-end guests.

Thank you, but we are fine, our company is quite profitable, and we offer our web sites on a complimentary basis. No donations are accepted.