Q – We are thinking about a trip to Cabo San Lucas but were wondering if you are sending people there and if you feel it is generally safe? We’re rather high-end travelers, I suppose, fans of Peninsula and Mandarin Oriental, but my wife is worried about traveling where drug cartels are ruling the streets. Thinking about a February trip. Does Cabo have any high end hotels? By the way, if we go, will we be the only ones there?

A –  Most of the hotels/resorts in Mexico are reporting that their numbers are increasing by about 25% year over year. Part of this resurgence is the growth of the Australian market which has traditionally supported Hawaii. Drug cartels are not a problem in Cabo and you should go with confidence, albeit our ongoing concerns about Mexico which center around the uncertainty of travel in a country where the police are corrupt.

Two of the highest rated hotels on the North American Continent, One & Only Palmilla and Las Ventanas are located in Cabo. Each is a relative steal at current prices. Mexico has vastly improved in terms of its restaurant scene.

It is still a country where we do not recommend self-drive programs and local taxis have to be chosen with care. But given your ability to experience upscale accommodations, we would not try to talk you out of this trip.