Q – We are working with a travel agent we’ve known for years. Last week, I brought her a tour put out by General Tours that really looked interesting. But she quickly tried to turn things around trying to get us to book a Viking River Cruise in Russia instead. I’m just wondering about how your industry works in terms of which of these two options would be more profitable for the agent. I hate being hustled for a few extra bucks.

A – It is unlikely that is what happened. Generally, travel agencies receive a commission of the sale, the more expensive the trip, the more they earn. But given your two examples, it is doubtful that the agent would risk losing your goodwill for the difference in earnings.

Travel agents earn commission on the cost of any brochure program that you book with virtually any company. If you book directly, the commission goes back to the company as extra profit. Now, that said, there are more than a few travel agents who will recommend products based on the extra commission they may earn on certain products. Some firms have strict management policies requiring agent-sellers to push certain more profitable products. This is particularly common at the large online and franchise travel outlets. If your current agent has never raised your suspicions before, we think you should share your feelings with her but give her the benefit of the doubt this time.