The rise of the affluent class in China has had interesting repercussions, but the recent attack by some drunken Frenchmen on Chinese students in the Bordeaux region has created a diplomatic tiff of magnum proportions. Six students were brutally attacked while being subjected to racist abuse. This is seen as related to China’s rise as one of the two major importers of fine French wines. But French resentment of the Chinese is certainly related to the spending spree that has led many Bordeaux vineyards to fall into Chinese hands. Investors have been buying up land as quickly as they can and Chinese students are arriving in France in increasing numbers to learn to be wine importers and sommeliers. One can only wonder if Truffles are next. Acquiring ownership of some of the best wine estates in France is a phenomenon Mao could never have imagined. He didn’t even like ties.Chinese Bordeaux  BX