Q – My husband and I, as well as our best friends, are all working with a great travel agent here in Pittsburgh on a cruise to Europe with Windstar. She has recommended several private shore excursions through her connections with the group she belongs to. They all seem wonderful but pricey. Our friends have gone online, and found similar sounding tours for about half the price. Is this something you think we should pursue?

A – Perhaps. Booking with someone you don’t know from an overseas office who may or not have drivers or guides under contract can be extremely risky. To protect yourselves, we would recommend that you be extremely specific as to the kind of guide you require, the kinds of experiences you will want, and the quality of the vehicle and driver who will take you around. It is also quite appropriate to request local references. A guide in Seville knows he or she will likely not see you again. It is generally best to search out arrangements where long-term relationships exist.

If saving money is an important concern, consider using public transportation or taxis to get into town and where you can do one of the many excellent walking tours organized by a company called Context Travel. That will assure you a comprehensive tour at a reasonable priced without any of the transportation mark-ups associated with private shore excursions. But we recommend this strategy only if you are seriously on a budget. Otherwise, stick with your agent because she has a vested interest in keeping you all entirely happy. And that is no little thing.