Q – I know you are going to say it is extremely expensive, but my wife and I have decided that we are not going to be traveling with luggage when we connect with our Absolute Asia itinerary in Hong Kong. Could you give us the one or two best luggage firms to contact? Thanks so much – awesome site! If you were on Facebook we’d give you twenty “likes”.

A – Well we’re not, so save your thumbs. We prefer talking to human beings instead of clicking like apes in a language lab at MIT. Luggage forward services are fairly new so these firms do not have extensive track records and, yes, the marketshare is still so low that prices haven;t come down vcry much. That said, the two best firms seem to be “Luggage Forward” and “Luggage Free”. Make sure to get luggage tags before you send them off, that way it´ll be much easier to identify which ones belong to you.