Q – Spent several hours on this site last night and had to drop you a line. Great stuff. Here’s my specific question. I am a  consultant in the chemical industry and I fly, out of my home in Denver all over Europe. I work alone, with a part-time secretary and we do all of our own air arrangements. I have had numerous flight cancellations and delays at O’Hare and I just want to try avoiding it if I can. If you were me, which airports that have non-stop flights to Europe would be best for connections? Wish you had more on airline strategies and less on cruise line ratings.

A – Thanks for the advice. We won’t take it, but thanks anyway. Your question does, we think, have a specific answer. Our air people feel that you might limit your connections to three “first-choice” options, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Charlotte, and Detroit. All three have enviable connection stats.