Q – After watching CNN and other interviews with the poor folks getting off the Carnival Triumph, I really wonder if we ever will take that first cruise. So let’s see why travel “truth” is still, as far as I can see, recommending cruising. Given the honesty of your answers to other questions, I wonder how you respond to your bread and butter? This is not meant in any mean-spirited way. We read the site, enjoy it, and are really curious.

A – Fair enough. We don’t recommend “cruising” we recommend the top ten-rated cruise lines. We don’t recommend “hotels”, we recommend certain hotels that meet our stringest standards. We have never booked guests on a Carnival Cruise. The one essential rule that the consumer somehow thinks  does not apply to travel is “you get what you pay for”. This is a critical mistake. We don’t sell Holiday Inn or Motel 6.

When you book the most budget of budget lines, on a short cruise, you can expect fun, sun, crowds, and a party atmosphere. For sophistication and elegance you will need to look elsewhere.

Travel sellers need to be defined by what they refuse to sell as well as by those companies they enthusiastically endorse.