Private Guides

Q – Hopefully you can help us get an answer to a question that is not covered online or in the various river boat brochures. To what degree will the on board Concierge staff customize sightseeing or arrange for private guides? We love the concept of river boating, as you’re presented them, but we know we would hate the group bus tours and walks.

A – Dear Mr. and Mrs. Anti-Social:  Sorry, you are not going to see this handled as it would be on a five-star cruise ship. River boats sell an inclusive product with touring always included. If you would like private sightseeing, that is best done far in advance, to assure the best guides, and with the assistance of a travel consultant who has overseas contacts. Do not depend on the ship’s staff to customize your vacation. They can and will make dinner reservations ashore on your behalf but have few expectations otherwise.

Both Tauck and Grand Circle have several tour directors on board to make certain that all is well. They are generally American and tuned in to your needs. On Tauck, specifically, you might make a private guide request at the Tour Manager’s Desk. But any guide still available at the last moment is likely to be less than you could have reserved months in advance.