Q – Very cool site but we wish you would have more on food and restaurants. It would be great if we could get all kinds of restaurant information mixed in with your highly valuable travel insights.

My husband and I will be in Copenhagen at the end of June, having just ended a cruise. My husband mentioned there is supposed to be a terrific new site in Copenhagen called Blue Planet and he was thinking about adding a day to our trip so we could spend some time there. Do you know anything about this and would it be worth the extra day?

A –  Well it looks like you are in luck. Copenhagen’s absolutely stunning new aquarium, Blue Planet, is scheduled to open on March 22nd in time for the summer tourist season. We expect this to quickly become one of the two or three leading tourist attractions in Scandinavia. There will be almost 500 species and just over 20,000 animals housed in a building that is already being nominated for major architectural awards. Copenhagen design firm, 3XN has created a building that resembles moving water and the aquarium’s rooftop will swirl, resembling the world’s largest whirlpool. Guests flying into or out of Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport will have the best some amazing views of this new complex.

Absolutely spend an extra night and get your tickets in advance. This one will open to spectacular reviews.

We’ll try to do more on food and restaurants. Thanks for sharing that.

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