Q – Don’t know if you folks are allowed to do this but I would love your opinion on a 33-Day Voyage on the Oceania Marina in April of 2014 from Tahiti to New York via Easter island, Peru, Ecuador, the Panama Canal, some of the Caribbean and even a day in Charleston before heading to New York. We’re in our early seventies and have just started traveling seriously. I’m not a jogger but we get around OK. We’ve done two previous cruises on Holland America. And what cabin should we get?

A – Look up and down this page. No Ads. We can do and say anything here, so no worries. We absolutely love this itinerary. You’ll see the best of Polynesia, Machu Picchu, Easter island, the Pitcairn islands, and that’s not even half the itinerary. We say do it and try to get a Penthouse level cabin for that number of days. You will hit a bit of rough water and the Marina, one of our favorite ships, is a bit top-heavy. One third of your cruise will be spent at sea so you don’t want a ship any smaller than the Mariner. Port or Starboard is irrelevant, choose your cabin based on the best available mid-ship location on deck 10. This is one of the very best laid out itineraries we’ve ever seen and it is a steal based on current discounts. May we congratulate you on your “good eye”?