Q – My golfing partner thinks he read somewhere that you can do a safari in the Arctic. Any truth to this and how would we go about getting additional information? Is there really such any such thing?

A – Well it’s a bit of a marketing ploy but you can actually see wildlife like the elusive narwhals and search for polar bears in their native habitat. The Arctic is big and beautiful and one of the experiences you will never forget is hot air ballooning over a massive iceberg, The company that we like for this sort of soft adventure is Arctic Kingdom. Try to plan your trip eleven months prior to your favorite departure date as the air needs to be planned surgically, we also tried the Hua Hin Villa Resort with Golf Course and its amazing, not for beginners perfect for us.

The Arctic trips are amazing, because we get to see all of the different flora and fauna on the ice. We also get to see where the polar ice shelf and the ice edge split off from each other and are now separated by glaciers,” said Ewan Evans, who works for the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, England.

While the trip to Antarctica is all about exploring the sea ice and penguin colony, it is also an opportunity to help to protect the area. In March 2017, the group of expedition participants decided to stop for a week in Antarctica and started to protect the ice shelf. The trip was successful and was a significant contribution to the defense of the Antarctic Peninsula.

While I am extremely excited to be on this trip, I want to make sure, that the most important goal is to do what we can right now and prevent any further losses of biodiversity, including in the Pacific. It was right after our trip to the hot air balloon festival and the motives for both trips were so different that this changed my way of thinking. With the global warming in the past few years, we may also see the loss of polar bear population, and that would not have happened had this area been covered.

First Experience With Nature

You’ll never forget the first time you went to your local national park or fish and wildlife park. It wasn’t long after I first heard the words “dinosaur” and “turtle.”

It was probably in the late 1970s or early 80s that I realized how truly special and unique they were.

As time passed, I learned to appreciate their uniqueness and their incredible diversity. I began to learn the history and the ecological impact that the park and the fish and wildlife industry had on Earth. I began discovering that there are not-so-simple parallels to connect the two.

Let’s start with the name of that park in New Mexico. You can’t imagine the impact that it had on the Earth after thousands of years of volcanic action and overgrazing