It is time to stop beating up on the Greeks and the management of their faltering economy and unwillingness to maintain even minimal levels of competent property and tax records. It turns out that the Greeks do one thing extremely well. They make yogurt the old-fashioned way, more firm and filling than its skinnier American or French cousins. 

Yogurt sales, according to the Los Angeles Times, have actually doubled over each of the three past years, That is why Yogurt is now considered to be the fastest growing food category in the United States. And virtually all of that growth, and all of that additional income can be laid directly at the feet of the Greeks. Greek yogurt is also maintaining unusually strong market share in those very European countries that are reluctant to support future financial support of the Greek economy. But while the European Union ponders increasing support of the Greek financial sector, it is clear that such pondering is interrupted by short yogurt breaks of the thick, dense, even classic Greek variety.