Q – Greetings from Cape Town where Traveltruth is not yet a household word. But my husband and I love you so that’s all that matters. We’ve just read somewhere that it is now possible to sleep in Harrod’s Department Store in London. We’re headed back to London soon after the Olympics and we were wondering how you would book this sort of overnight?  I would be quite tickled to spend the night camped out in Harrod’s Food Hall, particularly that area of the Hall devoted to fine wines and cheeses. Any truth to this or are we starting a rumor?

A – Well of course you are but it is a rather intriguing concept and one that probably could be arranged by our contacts in London for a phenomenal price.

But we think we have this one figured out. It is true that the Qatari owners of Harrod’s under the name Qatar Holding, has announced plans to build Harrod’s hotels in London, New York, Paris and Kuala Lumpur. You may be aware that the former owner of Harrod’s, Mohamed Al Fayed, sold Harrod’s two years ago for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.2 billion USD. We have to assume that the sale price included the store’s stash of wines and cheeses. Sorry.