Q – We were scheduled to fly out of Jacksonville to connect to a flight to Europe on United’s partner, Lufthansa. There was one United employee working the desk at the airport when our flight out was cancelled and she could do little to help us with our missed connections. After hours of work and hold time, we finally got it sorted out but who knows how many years we’ve lost because of the aggravation. Is there a strategy we can use next time to make sure this doesn;t happen again?

A – The best strategy for international travelers these days is to have all of your flights professionally monitored by people who do nothing but watch over you and your needs. The cost is minimal based on the peace of mind you get in return. No travel agent really has the time or means to do this properly. There are firms that specialize in getting you where you need to go when there are problems related to cancellations. The best of these is a company called Cranky Concierge.